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Baby’s favourite songs!

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So Sar’s post about Spotify playlists made me wonder 💭

Are there any songs that your little ones seem to enjoy listening to? Maybe there’s a favourite that always gets them off to sleep or calms down a tantrum.

Bonus points if it’s unusual or mildly inappropriate - my daughter is a big fan of Staceys Mom by Fountains of Wayne 🙈 and my eldest had a bit of a thing for Metallica as a toddler 🤘🏻

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Haha love this! I had the Lizzo album on repeat when my toddler was little and he seemed to enjoy Good as Hell at the time 🤣

Now baby #2 loves a bit of classical & has been giving me lots of smiles and giggles when listening to the theme from Jurassic park or the Harry Potter classics 😬 She also falls fast asleep to Rain on Me by Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga at HIIT every week!

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Ah, a good eclectic mix! I like a bit of classical myself sometimes but I’m a rock chick at heart so felt the need to educate the kids in the finer points of drums and guitars - just need to watch out for the ‘parental advisory’ tracks 😬😂

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My little boy seems to love anything by Static and Ben El, but nothing knocks him out like Susie May by beabadoobee! To my increasing displeasure, he also absolutely loves the 60 minute medley of Nursery Rhymes on YouTube by BBC Teach.


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Argh an hour of nursery rhymes 😬 yes, I think that would get old pretty quick!I am very much not down with the kids so I hadn’t heard of Static and Ben El, just looked them up and I think they’re too cool for me 😆 I *have* heard of beabadoobee, though I don’t know if I could name her songs, that track is beautiful though, I can see why it sends your little one off to sleep.