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Hi to all I have dry M.D. and need some Guidance

Some four years ago I was told by my option that I had Dry M.D. but offered no treatment plan. The following year I learnt that a local Opticians had just installed a new 3D scanner which showed in detail the eyes Macular and yes this did show in great detail the bulge on the Macular of my left eye, The only treatment he offered was to take the supplement MacuShield which I have been taking for three years. I have a regular once a year eye test and scan and he states there is very little change however I am not so sure and I must ask the question how do I move this matter forward to an Eye Hospital should I talk to my Doctor, or ask the optician over this matter, I would appreciate some advice about the best way forward please.


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if you have dry AMD which is unchanged it may be hard to get a referral to an eye hospital as no treatment is needed.

If you want to keep a check yourself the Amsler grid is good- you can download this and check there are no wavy lines - which would let you know if there was any wet AMD


I have dry MD and see wavy lines. Seeing wavy lines is not a clue to having wet MD. Using amsler grid is helpful to tell if it suddenly gets worse though and then you can get a referral to the hospital. If you are in the UK and have private healthcare you can see a consultant and get it monitored at the hospital. The mac soc can advise you better.


Opticians seem very reluctant to refer you unless they see an "obviously" serious condition. It is their business to have you come back to them every year and sell you new glasses. That may sound cynical, but let me tell you what happened to me. I have been going yearly to the sanme optician because they said I had cataracts coming on. MD was never mentioned to me until about 18 months ago when I was told I had dry AMD in both eyes. No referral. Was asked to come back in a year's time. Because I was concerned I went to see my GP who referred me to the eye Clinic. Finally, after over 2 months the eye clinc did all the test including a fluorocine angiograph, which revealed leaking wet AMD in one eye and treatment was started in that eye. Whether it was wet AMD 2 months earlier or it had developed so quickly, I shall never know.

One more thing, I had 5 eylea injections after which the AMD had dried up. I had a 5 months break from injections when the fluid returned. My consultant told me it was only a very small amount of fluid and that he would "not" have seen it on the scan. Only the photograph had revealed it to him. He ordered 3 more injections, stating that if we catch it early we would have a better chance of getting another break.

The moral of this story is, don't be fobbed off by your optician. It is better to be safe than sorry. If it turns out to be only dry AMD, at least you know for sure where you stand.

Good luck.


Hi Kenmitch,

Sorry to learn about your dry macular degeneration (MD).

The other posters are right and give some good advice.

It is very difficult to get a referral to a hospital ophthalmologist if you have dry MD. Sadly there is no treatment of cure for the dry type other than taking supplements and protecting your eyes from the sun.

Your optometrist at your opticians should be able to monitor you. You could ask your GP, but GPs don't have much knowledge about eyes unless you are very lucky. Most GPs would ask you to go back to your opticians for them to make a referral if they think you have an eye condition that needs hospital treatment.

You must remember however to monitor your eyes as dry MD can change to wet in about 10% of cases. An amsler grid is a good way of self monitoring.

If you are very concerned you could pay to go privately; (but if your optician is right, this wouldn't achieve much).

Please call the Macular Society Helpline in the New Year on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday) if you would like a chat.

Best wishes

Macular Society


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