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I had a relapse of CD20 positive large B Cell lymphoma in left forearm last October after being in remission for 8 years following R-CHOP. Recently finished 5 months of Bendamustine/Rituximab infusions followed by 18 days of radiation. Oncologist is starting me on Lenalidamide (Revlamid) regimen in a week. Any information on side effects experienced with Lenalidamide would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Howie,

I'm sorry that you have not gotten a response to your inquiry until now.

I have not had direct experience with Lenolidamide, but a close friend that has Multiple Myeloma is taking it, and I have discussed it a few times with my CLL expert doctor.

There are published online lists of side effects and precautions from reputable sources:




I hope you can avoid all of the listed problems while taking it.


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Hi Len: Thanks for the info.


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