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Green Juice

Hello Lupies, I haven't been in for maybe more than a year. In the last 3 months, I started my new diet and it seems to work for me, not only help my own lupus symptoms, but for anxiety, pain, depression, mood, sleepless and all others in general. It is the green juicing every morning, but in the afternoon I'm very much eating normal. Since the day I started jucing, I can feel how much differences in my body, I feel I'm a brand-new person and I can't stop now.

If you interested, just google green juicer, or Jaykordich to learn more.

Good luck to everyone, and can not wait to hear your success.

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I'm going to start this again. I also noticed less pain when I did a fruit or veggie juice each morning. Thanks for the reminder. Glad it's helping you.