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doctor recommendation

hello I've been diagnosed with lupus 3 months ago, but the diagnose isn't so clear I want to give it a try going to another doctor in the USA, because I'am from mexico, and I want to have another opinion , I already went to 3 different rhemuatologists, and all pf them say a different diagnose, I would like to go to houston or somewhere near to go.


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I was diagnosed in Southern California. Texas might be closer your you though. A dermatologist actually was the first to do a ANA or antinuclear antibody test on me that indicated that I have autoimmune activity. If you have hair loss that is one of the first signs of an autoimmune disease being active in your body, one sign that is more closely related to lupus is if you have a malar or butterfly rash spreading across the center of your face. I don't know too many of your symptoms but it is usually best to get diagnosed quickly so that they can start you on a treatment plan to keep the symptoms at bay. They gave me plaquenil and prednisone originally.

Best of luck!