Beginner’s Guide to Best Book Review Writing

A book review is generally written about one of the best books. It is like giving their opinion about that book. It is

similar to giving reviews when a new movie is being released and people used to give their reviews about that particular


Writing book reviews is somehow difficult because in writing the best book review one would need some special things in his

mind. By writing the best book review, you are letting other people about the specification or we can say you are emerging

the main points of that particular book by which it get more popular. But writing the book review can be about any way it

can be bad as well as good. It depends on according the book.

Most popular writers only write book reviews of best books or magazines, which they read. Here we also provide you some

tips for writing the review of best book, which you have read and also want to share your review with the entire public.

Writing for a book includes 2, 3 person reviews what exactly they like about the book. Basic grammar should be correct,

Write down some of the main points while reading the book that you like the most and reframe them as your review.

Simply writing a book includes two main things:

>What you like?

>Why you like?

Now before writing the book few points you will need to keep in your mind:


>Preface or Introduction- Provide information about the author.

>Table of content-Main ideas and how the book is being organized.

Few Points that you have to ponder as you read the entire book:

>What is the genre of the book??

>The point in which the book is written.

>Do you agree or disagree with the author’s point of view?

>While reading make some important points or write down in a passage whichever scene you like the most.

>Check the author style, whether is formal or informal?

>Do the book is suitable for the audience to read about that book?

>The author’s book somehow convincing or not?

>Was the language clear?

>Does that book cover all the main content?

>Check that whether the information that the author is giving is correct or not?

>Check that the books index is correct or not?

>Make out the point of important omissions which author has done.

>Compare the book to other authors in this field only, in which the book has been written.

Now come to the main point, writing the review:

>Include Title, Author Name, Publisher Name, Date of publication of the book, Edition, Number of pages, Special

features about the book, what is the price of the book.

>Hook the reader with your opening words or sentences. The entire writing, which you are writing, should set the

tone of the review.

>Be familiar with the guidelines.

>Review the entire book that you have read.

>Write some attractive quotes and lines about the author or Write if this is the book that you have ever read then

say so and why?

>Author information, his repudiation, qualifications, and many more- include this all.

>Use simpler language without any grammar mistake; so that whenever another person would read your book, then it

would be easier for that person to read your review.

>Lastly, do summarize in your conclusion part.

>Read carefully again and again so that you will not commit any mistake.

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