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On 18.01.20 my Dad received his first immunotherapy treatment for stage 4 lung cancer which has metastasised. On 19.01.20 my Dad received a blood transfusion, 2 pints of blood, as his hb level was 87.

Since 18.01.20, going into 8 days now, my Dad hasn’t eaten properly and I am seriously concerned. My Dad for the last 8 days has only been able to eat 2 spoons of cereal for breakfast, no lunch and a quarter of a slice of dry toast for dinner and that’s it. He is in a vicious cycle of weakness from having the treatment, no appetite as nothing to him tastes right and constipation. I understand these are some of the side effects of his treatment but not to this extent.

I’m so concerned as he has had huge weight loss since his diagnosis but since the 18.01.20 his weight decline has not stopped.

I feel that this is a matter of urgency. I am not sure he can survive at this rate for a referral to a dietician to be seen in several weeks time. He is in a much more critical condition to be treated and needs urgent attention and possibly IV fluids to keep him alive.

I really don’t know if this is part of the immunotherapy or what but he spends 99% of the time in bed and he has no energy, walking up the stairs wipes him out now. Before his immunotherapy treatment on the 18.01.20 he was eating okish, small amounts but compared to now he was eating so much better.

I’ve never used this site before so would really appreciate some help or some actual experiences. I seem to be figuring it out as it goes along. The GPs advice hasn’t been great, I spoke to him today and he asked me ‘do you want your Dad to live?’, so I’m abit confused by my GPS advice!!

I look forward to getting a reply and advice, thank you


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Upping you have had some other advice Adv just saw this. I’m usually on a different page. Checked this one by accident today.

There are appetite enhancers that can be prescribed including marinol, megace and oxandrolone are three that need prescriptions.

Can you tell me what country you are writing from? There are patient and family support groups in man countries. Here, at HU you can join the Lung Cancer Support page affiliated with the Go2 Lung Cancer Foundation (USA & International). Also the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation page (UK).

Try to make shakes with Boost or Ensure, add protein powders. Plan small meals. Lots of them.

What treatment are they giving him? If any of the drugs end with -platin, use plasticware to eat with. Metal tableware makes food taste horrible. Calories are more important than a balanced diet, if he want to eat ice cream 24/7 let him. You can get back to a balanced diet after treatment ends.