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Trial medication

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I am in Matrix trial medication,AZD6738 and Durvalumab.

Has anyone else experienced side effects?


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I have never heard it before what is it for

Lung cancer which has spread to lymph nodes.Accepted for this trial based in selected hospitals.

Just want to compare side effects.


So sorry to hear that

The National lung matrix trial is part of CRUK's stratified medicine programme and offered in a large number of UK hospitals. The two treatments are targeted for certain characteristics in the tumour and the immunotherapy combination can result in side effects. These are usually explained to those signing up to the trial but it is important to keep a note of them and let your trial nurse know about them. I've enclosed a link to the Roy Castle website that explains the type of treatments and known side effects which are experienced by some patients that may help reassure you. At Lung cancer conferences/committees I've been part of, I've heard that having a reaction to treatments is a sign that the immune system is responding which is usually viewed as a positive thing if the patient isn't in too much discomfort as all the side effects can be treated quite simply so long as the clinician is made aware of the patient's response. When taking part in a clinical trial you should have been given details of who to contact if you have queries or medical reactions so I'd suggest contacting them when you can. hope this helps.

I was on Nivolumab for two years finished August 2019 and was put on the Matrix trial beginning of March this year realising I would have the combination therapy combining Durvolumab and AZD 6738.I was surprised to be able to get more immunotherapy.


Such an important trial that has changed the way trials are designed for other conditions too... hope you respond positively to the treatments.