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New to this again


I had asthma as a child and have had no problems since I was 7 or 8. I’m 62 and got sick with what probably was the flu ( idid have a flu shot). Since I’m on my3rd round of steroids. Every time the steroid is stopped the wheezing and chest tightness comes back. I started my new round last night 20mg 2x a day for five days then a taper. Within a couple hours I felt great relief in my chest. My mind says that’s way too fast. Anyone else with this quick reaction. Believe me I’m not complaining I’m just trying to understand the process.

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Hi Miloroon

Thank you for sharing your story.

Oral prednisolone can have a quick response. Glad that you got some relief!

PutnamAsthma Captain

Yeah,works quick for me. I just want to eat every thing in the house. So be careful.

Hello Miloroon. I had the same reaction after I had been put on prednisone multiple times over a 6-8 week period. I got quick relief but as soon as I was off of it, the breathing problems would start again. It turned out that I had bronchitis and needed a combo of prednisone and antibiotics to kick it.

Lisa_H in reply to Lisa_H

Oh, I hope you get to feeling better! :)

Miloroon in reply to Lisa_H

Thanks for the reply. I think that might have had the same thing. Has this happened to you before?

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