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Types of exercise


I am really out of shape and I rarely exercise.

I really want to change that and to slowly get into shape. I am planning to walk for at least half an hour every day at normal rate to start with, I have my wii fit which I plan to start using in the next few days, I know I can do sit ups and press ups though my muscles are quite weak to do this.

I also plan on free dancing, I have a salsa workout dvd, an ab wheel, wobble board and a exercise tube band with dvd.

I lastly want to purchase a mini trampoline for use in my home but since I live in an apartment building, I am worried about disturbing my neighbours. Does anyone have any suggestions for this and if this might be a good workout for what is recommended?

I plan to walk every day and to workout 3-4 times weekly to start with so that I can lose some weight but more than that, to become more active and healthy.

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hi walking is good and its free!! and great to do. Once youve got into a routine try walking to music and find tunes oyu enjoy listening to that will encourage you to pick up your pace, but go steady1 The hardest part is getting through the door to do it, overcome that hurdle and you are on your way. it sounds like you have lots of equipment at home but who motivates you? maybe try joining a class as Ive found I have more luck in exercising if I have the support of others it can get very lonley on your own. Also give the nhs couch to 5 k a try. I found it REALLY hard at first I only managed 2 episodes of 30 secs of running and had to walk the rest of the time but now I can run for 3mins I am 71 and have never run in my life before. I am wil be doing run 2 of week 3 tomorrow but Its taken me 6 weeks to get this far as I didn't move up to quickly. it doesnt matter how ln it takes its the getting there. The couch25km forum is a marvellous support network and its amazing how many people have the same problems you think you are the only having. We all no matter what our shape, size or level of fitness have our own goals good luck with yours keep on going you can do it. Keep me posted on your progress. take care

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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I have just finished my second year at uni yes so I have plenty of time now to start getting into a routine. I will start off with walking and I have just joined the gym.

The couch25km sounds too difficult for me as I haveasthma, am quite overweight and often get out of breath. This would be too triggering for me.

Well done for being able to do this though :)


I might join a class too as I have no-one to motivate me.

Thank you x