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shoes glorious shoes!!!!

Shoe shopping + CP = nightmare!!!

I have had problems getting the right shoes all my life, there are so many factors to think about, such as: whether they are supportive enough when not wearing my splints, how hard wearing they are - I can wear shoes out in weeks, and whether they fit my odd shaped feet.

The shoes I wear most (and have done since I was first diagnosed) are piedro boots, they are really supportive, come in various widths so I can get them to fit perfectly. They are also easy to get my splints in, which is really hard t find smart shoes that are wide and deep enough to go over them.

Now I have afo's on both legs shoe shopping has become slightly easier, as I can buy shoes in a size larger, and don't have to worry about how supportive they are as the support comes from the splints.

I favour skate type shoes such as vans, as they are quite wide and easy to get afo's in once I have taken the insoles out.

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Same - need two size bigger and take the insoles out vanns and DC's are good trainer wise and do not seem to wear out. AFO's seem to fit well with them. It is a nightmare especially when I was younger and needed school shoes. Striking the balance between style and practicality is difficult as you want them to look young and trendy.