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Living Positively with Cerebral Palsy
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Education ,education, education!

I have just completed my 4th year of Law at university. I loved it! The university has a disability department who are there to implement reasonable adjustments for example scribes, suitable access into buildings for wheelchairs and different technologies e.g. computers and voice activation software.

I was assigned a disability officer at the law school who was also very good.

This was refreshing because I was treated as a unique individual and my independence and confidence flourished in my academic and social life.

My experiences at secondary school were bad. I did not fit the into a box of what a disabled person should be. I was very academic and excelled in my studies. My teachers were great and encouraged me. However the support staff and some pupils were patronising and very unpleasant. They could not cope with the fact that all I needed was physical support and not learning support.

I used to be in a choir after school and my support for learning assistants would clock off at 3.40 and leave me on the stage. Leaving friends and teaching staff to help me. The only reason why I could participate in the after school clubs was because the school secretary offered to stay on.

I did not magically stop being disabled at 3.40.

So if you want something in life you have to fight for it. If you are not happy about the way you are being treated complain and kick up a fuss. Do not let other people's expectations or judgments get in the way of what you want to achieve!

Please feel free to share your experiences.