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LFT abnormal but ultrasound and fibroscan fine

Back in May alt 133 ast 55 then July alt 108 ast 50. Everything else okay. Ultrasound told liver looked perfectly healthy. Fibroscan I don't have the score to hand but told all fine and I was between f0 and f1 which i was told is good.

Still have raised alt and ast between 100 and 150 and ast around 50 to 55. The only "symptoms" I get are upset stomach a couple of times a week which I have had for years. Cholesterol 7.7 despite low cholesterol diet and trigliceriges are 5 which I am told is high.

I am overweight at 5 9 bloke and 16 stone 4..having dropped from 18 st 10 on 1 January amd working on another 1 and ahalf stone off but otherwise eat a good healthy diet and excercise.

Any thoughts on what could be causing raised alt ast levels?

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