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I'm new hear and need advice about my fatty liver. My liver area gets in great pain but I've been told the liver is painless by a doctor

I got hepC through a blood transfusion in 1987. I've been a drinker on and off but haven't drank now for six years. I cleared myself of the hep purely by default. I became wheelchair bound three years ago and put on loads of weight and have now been told I have a fatty liver. How do I excercise when I can't walk and suffer with fibromyalgia as well as arthritis. I'm so depressed and just don't know what to do anymore. I would be grateful for any advice that anyone can give me. Thank you

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Hi Fox, I was dx with fatty liver 2 years ago. (I have also got diabetes, they often go together) last march I discovered the low carb high fat ( yes, High fat) diet. Did it for 8 weeks, also only 800 Cals a day. Hard, but doable with determination. Also, fantastic results re weight loss, very motivating. I have changed my diet habits for life and best of all, no fatty liver! Proved with recent liver scan. Hope this can encourage you a bit. Correct diet is the way forward in my book. Jan R

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I am curious as to how you cleared Hep C on your own and whether or not you have had a recent viral load test. Hep C is a virus and whilst it can infect someone for years without it leading to symptoms when it does hit it can cause liver inflammation and continue all the way to cirrhosis. It is normally only treatable by use of anti-viral medications some of which are proving very successful in clearing the virus.

It is often said that the liver can not suffer pain but the liver is enclosed in a sort of sheath called the Glisson's Capsule and when the liver is inflamed and enlarged it can stretch this capsule which can lead to pain.

Fatty liver can arise through dietary issues - too much sugar, salt, processed foods. It can also arise as a result of diabetes and prescription medications. I know this is on the Liver4Life forum but the British Liver Trust has an amazing web page with downloadable leaflets and guidance on how to tackle fatty liver. It's at:-

What tests have you had? You have all sorts going on there. Have you been tested for Hep C recently? Have you been tested for Auto-Immune Liver Disease? You have one auto-immune illness in the fibromyalgia and often when you have one auto-immune condition you can have others.

I think medics need to have a good look at you to see exactly what is going on and to give you a plan for going forward. Fatty Liver Disease does need to be tackled or it can get worse and lead to scarring of the liver.

Wishing you all the best, Katie


What a load of rubbish your doctor is talking!! Your liver is a functioning organ and reacts if you have something wrong with it, fatty liver, PBC etc, where something is attacking your bile ducts, the organ will react. The pain just under your right breast is where the pain is and this is the reaction of your liver to what is happening to it. I had gallstones, fatty liver then diagnosed with PBC many years ago, I know full well the pain you are having. Also, if you suddenly laugh deeply, there is a pain that goes through that area that is really painful - like a stabbing pain and you can only relieve it by stretching your arms up in the air - a strange sight for anyone else to witness, but it works!!!!! Listen to the people on this site and not a doctor who may only know about the liver from a text book!! Everyone else who has a liver problem will tell you the same as me!!!


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