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Being you

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For years and years I hated going out because I knew other people would stare at me until one day I had an accident, I fell or slipped on a wet patch in the shopping centre. In front of everyone, I was in agony I was embarrassed 😳 I thought people would laugh πŸ˜‚ at me. They didn't two very nice security guards helped me get up, someone else phoned an ambulance and put her coat around me, all people I didn't know about seventeen complete strangers came up and offered help.

This changed my perception of people and I thought it was them who were making assumptions about me, it twas the other way round, society is made up of all sorts of people and we have to learn to get along and tolerate one another.

When I go out I smile, I have stage three lipedema my knees are size of an average man's waist... I have saggy arms, I suffer with depression asthma arthritis a very fat neck balding hair and no teeth... And since losing my husband last year I have panic attacks and anxiety issues.... BUT life is for the living, whatever your condition somebody is going to be worse off, don't be afraid walk with your head up high...

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I couldn't agree more. I describe my legs as feeling like walking with a toddler hanging off each leg. Swollen knees like you, whole legs and feet swollen with the accompanying lymphoedema. I also have osteo arthritis, under active thyroid and sleep apnoea. All depressing and tiring. BUT we must all carry on and make the best of life. I would love to still be working but have had to give in ( worked till the age of 67 two years ago). I have to carry on as I am my husbands carer as cancer treatment left him with peripheral neuropathy. So like you I hold my head up and smile. Good luck to you.xx

In our prayers and thoughts. Very wise words well done to you for getting your self out and about. Blessings to you and family xoxo so sorry to hear that you lost your precious husband chin up xoxo

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