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my wedding outfit

I am getting married in 5 weeks time, I am 68, typical lipo build , my upper arms, hips and legs are huge, ugly sausages so trying to buy a nice outfit on a very limited budget has been a nightmare. So what do I wear , frills and flounces make me look like an overdone meringue , chiffon sleeves don't fit and may split, I have looked at "Caroline Ann" ( Ebay designer of plus sizes) her clothes are nice but a bit pricey and tends to have lots of flowing fabric around the hip area. I do not need extra inches there !!!

So I think maybe a pretty lace tunic in a couple of sizes too big ( I will alter the top a bit) and my favourite flower pattered trousers.

Does anyone have any other ideas ? It will be a very quiet , private wedding with very relaxed dress code.

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Hi Jaberwocky, firstly congratulations on your impending wedding 👰🏻🤵🏼

I'm not sure what size or style you are comfortable in, but I'm presuming you're a typical Lipo shape...there are all the usual places to try - high street there's - Evans, Yours Clothing, Next, Bon Marche, Debenhams, and online there's all of the above and JD Williams, Fifty Plus etc.

Are you on Facebook? If so are you a member of Talk Lipoedema? If you are on fb please join the Talk Lipoedema private chat page, there are so many ladies in there who will be able to offer you great advice of shops (and online stores) where you'll find something special for your big day, but whatever you decide on I'm sure you'll look fabulous x

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Look at simply be and jo and Scarlett they have some nice wedding dresses



Congrats, just wear a two piece, you can vary sizes then, I'm sure your new husband will think you are beautiful what ever you wear x


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