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Is oedema connected ?


With lipo-lymphoeema I found THE compression garments so extremely uncomfortable gave up wearing .Many CCGs regard Liposuction as cosmetic and that they can ignore it like sedation anaesthesia .Consequently anyone with high BMI is discriminated against but not in some parts of Europe where Specialists in charge. Only just got diuretics after acute oedema 3 yrs ado with no treatment seems to have turned into lipo-lypoedema but as it effects different body areas I believe that is why often does not get fully researched as believe like utis it is a symptom or progression of other diseases and conditions .

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Hi skybluepink!

The benefit of wearing compression garments with pure Lipoedema is that thy will help your limbs retain a better shape and help to prevent the skin from stretching and sagging - I agree wholeheartedly though, they are not the nicest things to be told to wear.

The challenges of getting liposuction on the NHS are huge; but the more people can educate their GP's about the condition, the greater their understanding which in turn we hope will lead to better treatment protocols and help for sufferers.

Try again with the compression garments; long term use should give you a more successful outcome if you do ever decide to have surgery. Maybe try a different make of compression. Solidea do a legging called Silverwave that is available through Daylong. It looks quite trendy and is very comfortable. NNE

I go to a Lyphoedema Clinic and they measure and supply all garments for free. Wonderful service and very supportive.

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