I'm a lesbian

hi everyone in new here, I was diagnosed with cancer in my vagina I'm so scared and I would like it if someone could help me out please

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  • Being scared is totally unpleasant but, it is a healthy response to hearing shit news like a cancer diagnosis. We would all be more worried about you if you were not a little bit scared. What do you think about your doctor....do you feel safe with her/him?i

  • You need to take it one day at a time and ensure the best care you can get. Always ask for a second opinion for treatment options. Some doctors are resistant to asking for help when they need it!

    Know you are not alone. Your sister in solidarity. 🍭Kim

  • Sorry you are going through this. What stage is it and what is the treatment plan. Age? Where are you located? What help are you needing? I know it is a devastating diagnosis and you feel all alone.

  • Good morning...Cancer is a devastating and scary diagnosis. What do you need for help and support?

  • Hi. I hope that your treatment is going well and that you are satisfied with your doctors.