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🎄Support available over Christmas🎄

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Helpline: Our helpline will be open until 12pm on Friday 24th December and will reopen on Tuesday 3rd January at 9am. The last time a nurse will be available on the line is Thursday 22nd December between 7pm and 10pm.

Patient Advocacy: Our team will be working until 12pm on Wednesday 21st December, meaning they can assist you with any queries you have on welfare and support.

Booklets: Those wishing to order hard copies of our free information booklets should get their orders in before Friday 16th December for pre-Christmas delivery. All our booklets are available to download for free online too.

Leukaemia Care Office: Our office will be closed from 12pm on Friday 23rd December until 9am on Tuesday 3rd January 2023. Please head to our website to contact our team and we will respond when our office re-opens in the New Year.

Medical advice: If you need any advice on symptoms or medication, call your haematology team. If they’re unavailable, call NHS 111.

In a medical emergency, call 999 immediately.

For more information about support available over Christmas click here: bit.ly/3ElrgAk

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Thanks for this. I am a bit more anxious this Christmas, but I am trying to organise my what ifs and queries usefully.

I just thought I would add that we have needed both 111 and 999 more than once this year, and they have been helpful and quick in all cases.

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Thanks Leukaemia Care for this clear information, and you really deserve a break too.