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A webinar for patients - practical workshop 'Coping with Fatigue' Oct 28th at 4pm


Hi all, this is a challenge that many of us have to manage.

Please join us for this participative webinar Register > bit.ly/FatigueWebinar pic.twitter.com/44DMhhS46y

Leukaemia Care are co – hosting this webinar with Lymphoma Action to support patients with understanding and managing fatigue.

The aim of this participative ‘workshop’ session is to focus on the causes of fatigue (i.e. when it can occur in the pathway, why it occurs and how it may manifest and impact on you). The webinar will seek to empower you with coping strategies and information to better live with challenges fatigue can cause.

•Introduction: - Charlotte Martin Leukaemia Care, Advocacy Manager and Stephen Scowcroft Lymphoma Action, Director of Operations and External Affairs - Housekeeping - introduce the topic and speakers - overview of impact on fatigue on patients supported with patient experience survey data.

•Clinical Nurse specialist perspective: Angela Watts, Leukaemia Care Nurse Advisor, Senior Research Nurse, Russell's Hall Hospital, Dudley - When may fatigue occur in the disease pathway, how may this manifest and how do we support patients.

•Patient perspective: Colin Heyes, living with long term fatigue

•Practical session: Dr Anne Johnson, Consultant Occupational Therapist and Joint Clinical and Operational Lead of the Bath Centre for Fatigue Services - Understanding fatigue and developing coping strategies

•Discussion and Q & A

Register > bit.ly/FatigueWebinar pic.twitter.com/44DMhhS46y

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Hi Hairbear, I am really sorry I cannot make this brilliant looking webinar, I have a (rheumatology) hospital appointment. I am well and safe and I hope you and all at Leukaemia Care are too. A great big thank you to you all.

HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to 2003UK

Hi 2003UK good luck with your appointment , hope all goes well. this will be recorded and made available on video after the event. will post details as and when



HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to 2003UK

We are pleased to confirm that the video of this webinar is now available via YouTube

here is the video


2003UKChampion in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

Thanks so much for the you tube webinar