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AML my mum and the future

Hi it's my first post about this subject so here goes. My mum was diagnosed with AML in feb, she's 73 and was admitted immediately and had a cycle on intensive chemo and was in hospital for 5 weeks.

During the cycle she has lots of platelet problems mainly them being extremely low

Some days her count was zero. The doctor decided to put her on azacitadine. Even this well tolerated chemo gave her problems

With her platelets and it was decided to stop chemo altogether.

The AML had gone into remission and her last chemo was may 12th

I'm Told this will come back has anyone got any experience like this. She was originally given 18 months in feb,but now there's no more chemo that tine is cut dramatically

thank you for any advice

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I am sorry to hear about your mum and the struggle she has had with her AML.

AML is a difficult disease to treat and the plan usually follows national guidelines for treatment.

Problems with low platelets can be a continued problem when receiving this type of treatment. So platelets infusions are given to support.

Its good to hear you mum is now in remission and hopefully her platelets are within safe limits.

The remission period depends on each individual person and the type of disease you mum has.

Keep positive and have quality time together. Report any problems to the medical team such as infections so that antibiotics can be given to keep your mum as well as possible.

Please ring our helpline if you would like to talk to someone and get extra support 08088010444


Thanks For the information

What does this mean

AML with mylodysplasia related changes

DA3 +10 +GO x 1

1 CR MRD negative

Her platelets two weeks ago were 69

She's back tomorrow for bloods and then consultabt said he'd see her in a month

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