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Hi, I have written on here before. I'm HIV+ and have been on Meds for the past 18 months. Just before I started I had a panic attack due to other reasons but it felt as though taking Meds made my anxiety worse. I have lost trust in my body despite my blood tests being fine and I have had several other tests to rule out any physical problems (MRI scan of my head, celiac disease...). The problem is that I feel exhausted most of the time. We put it down to the Meds but I have changed several combinations and it doesn't seem to make it better. I have been told I have anxiety but I keep thinking that my anxiety is the result of how I feel rather than a cause. I saw a psychologist for a while and am due to see another one with the NHS in the next couple of weeks. I struggle to think that I have depression or that my head and worries make me feel this way physically. My vision is never right and when I go out things just seem a blur. I struggle to concentrate and I cannot work, which makes me worry about my financial situation. I am beginning to feel hopeless and very frustrated because I would love to do what I used to do but my body is not of the same opinion. Does anyone else feel this way or does anyone have any advice? Thank you,