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1 Year Today

I thought I would post today as it was a year ago to this very day that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

It hasn't been an easy year and there have been tough times but i'm still here and feeling really well.

As soon as I was well enough I went straight back to work full time so I didn't always have time to meet with other ladies going through the same thing or keep up to date with some of the ladies I met during chemo or visits to Meditation or Yoga so this community is great.

My message is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I feel really well, I do get tired sometimes, I get ridiculous hot and cold flushes (thanks Tamoxifen), my hair has grown back (different but its back) and I have nearly lost all the weight I put on during treatment. I'm back at work full time, back at the gym, my teenage daughter expects me to run around after her all the time and I have to do the cleaning, washing and ironing again so I would say things are pretty much back to normal but overall I'm looking forward to the next stage of my life. Cancer changed me but didn't defeat me.

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Well done you, makes you smile that the measure of being back to normal is that your teenage daughter lets you run round after her again doesn't it? Thank you for sharing your anniversary with us and for your positive message for others. I hope you keep in touch with us so that we can enjoy your next achievement.