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Potential Reversal Agent for Xa Inhibitor XARELTO(R) (Rivaroxaban)


Thought I would share these articles I found online with those of you taking or thinking of taking Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) for APS. Looks promising!


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Thank you for this information.



Yes it was announced at the Patients Day that a reversal agent was coming out. They didn't seem too excited about it though I have to say!


Thanks for posting this. The thing with rivaroxaban is that it's half life is so short anyway that to reverse the effects of it, you just need to stop taking it! Whereas wth warfarin it can take days to exit your system, so a reversal agent for that is in my opinion, more warranted - however, if I was taking warfarin I'm not sure I'd want to be pumped with vitamin k either!

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I was told that in the absence of a reversal agent the current treatment is Cofact Hope the link works. Of course if you are unconscious and the Ambo's and ED doctors haven't heard of it you could bleed out while someone searches for it!! Initially when I asked if there was a reversal agent I was told to "try not to get involved in a motor accident" I have endeavoured to follow this advice in the mean time:)


Thanks for posting this.

Yes, people are rather overly concerned about the reversal agent for rivaroxaban, but it's good that they've been working on it.

As merrohawk83 says, rivaroxaban doesn't stay in your system as long so it's nowhere near as dangerous as warfarin - hence the need for vitamin K reversal for warfarin.

Also, please note, there is no reversal agent for heparin - trade names: clexane, fragmin, lovenox etc. As it only stays in your system for 12 hours, it was not deemed necessary to create one.

Hopefully, we'll have the results of the rivaroxaban trial shortly, but I'm not at liberty to say anything at the moment.


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