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aps and mold

have aps and recently discovered my house has been infested with mold for over 3 years, including the a/c unit. question, besides constant allergy and nose blowing, is there other risks for those with aps? I realize mod is a very bad thing for everyone involved. wondering if worse with aps? we rent and a/c repairman came yesterday. saw mold coming from vents. i always thought it was dirty ducts needing cleaning. it was mold, used an instrument to measure, hanging from vent i am most exposure to, was highest reading on his guage.

cant find info on this using google.

plesae and thank you


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Having mould in any house is bad news, it needs to be tackled and stopped in it's tracks in order not to come back. You need as a general precaution to contact your most trusted doctor to see if they can run some test, mould can cause terrible allergy and also problems with your lungs, but it is treatable. A/C units have to be maintained to a high standard as they can cause real problems and in the most serious instance Legionnaires Disease, so it sounds like you have a good repair/service person on the job. Perhaps make sure they give your environment the all clear and make sure it is nowhere else in your house, and also come up with a regular maintenance plan to make sure it all stays clean for you.



thanks, had the entire unit inside and out replaced last june, for it was leaking some inside, and also outside on drip pipe unit was freezing all the time, temp is house was reaching mid eighies. constantly defrosting by turning unit off for hours. the guy was supposed to clean ducts, etc. new dude yesterday, found the black mold from every vent and on the surrrounding ceilings besides inside attic where unit is housed inside. we rent, husband is contacting to have someone check entire house, room to room not just the ac black mold problem worse yet the highest mold count is the room i spend more than 18 hours a day in. aps has me in and out of hosp constantly . last october had sesphis, face swollen shut, unalble to see. several iv antibodics. in december when again in hosp. a hemitologist checking on me know what huges, aps, sticky blood was. the first ever. i have always had to educated ;my doctors, hosp doctors and nurses. have appt with her next month. see six different doctors regularly. i am the only person in my entire part of florida with aps, hemoatologist just returned from a seminar explaining about it. i will be her only paient with aps. she covers 5 counties.


Check this out:

"A 25-year-old woman with a history of systemic lupus erythematosus who was taking steroids came to the hospital because of vague signs and symptoms of weight loss, constipation, and oral ulcers. Multiorgan dysfunction developed, and catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome was suspected. She was treated with an intravenous infusion of heparin, but she experienced a subdural hemorrhage and died on day 10 of the hospitalization. An autopsy revealed disseminated invasive aspergillosis. This case illustrates that invasive aspergillosis is a frequently missed diagnosis and should be part of the differential diagnosis for any patient who is immunosuppressed, including patients with autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus."


Exposure to allergens, such as this, will ramp up an immune reaction. Which is good -- except in those with a genetic pre-disposition to autoimmunity. The more the immune even system is left in the " on" position, the more likely it is to make a filing mistake, which results in an autoimmune disease. I recommend the book " The Autoimmune Connection" for a more professional explanation.