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Just joined... hi

I've been diagnosed with HS for 24 years and had no treatment for 15 years and wondered how things have come on and what treatment is available now for people? I had the UV light therapy , long term anti biotics, was on a medication I think was called Roacutane and nothing worked so I gave up going back to the GP/consultant. I've not had a period of time where there have been no flare ups and always have at least 5 to 10 boils on the go at any one time. I guess as with everyone else it's just something you get used to. Has anyone had any effective treatment? Thanks in advance :)

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Hi, I was diagnosed a year ago, it is an awful disease. I am currently taking metformin which is a diabetic drug, it think it is starting to help but it is very early days. I am also using a product called magic gel active silver, and I must say it does help flare ups, it's an antibacterial, anti inflammatory and costs £8 a small tub, but if I feel it works then it's worth paying. I also use Hibiwash and detol everyday to minimise flare ups. I use Primapore plasters, on those I add my silver gel. It really seems to help. I take 2 turmeric and 2 magnesium and 2 zinc tablets daily. I hope some of this May help you also. My diet consists of mainly chicken and fish, I eliminated yeast, gluten, dairy, wheat, night shades,and lost 3:5 stone in 4 months, but I feel refined sugars and other products cause flares so I stick to chicken and fish and red met is very minimum.


Hi, mine is triggered by monthly hormones, I am on metformin which is a diabetic drug, however, appears to help. I am also using a silver gel and that is definiately helping reduce any flares and helps heal the skin. I have stage 4 tracking of this condition and I am doing AIP, using detol and antibacterial wipes morning and night, using silver gel, Primapore dressings, sterile swab patches and I can see improvements. I have had 2 surgeries but I am doing my best now to control this with the things I have listed. I also take zinc and turmeric daily. If you get hot, make sure you keep using antibacterial wipes as it gets rid of the extra staph on ur skin. Hope all this helps, but any questions please ask as I'm feeling like I'm an expert in this now as I'm telling the dermatolgist what I'm doing to treat myself.

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