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One pill a day can stop people catching HIV. PrEP

Just a couple of days ago the NHS did a complete u-turn and refused to pay for Pre Exposure Prophylactic (PrEP) treatment.

PrEP involves taking one pill once a day and is an effective and well proven way to stop people catching HIV. There have been several trials proving how effective PrEP is but on Tuesday the government announced that it would not fund this simple and effective preventative medication.

I know it is too late for most of us here including myself but I am really really cross about this.

In the UK some 20,000 brothers and sisters will have to learn how to live a new life with HIV. They will each have to go through similar trauma's as we see posted here every day and that we as individuals have experienced ourselves.

If you only do one thing this Easter weekend Please sign the online petition to Make Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Prep) immediately available on the NHS. You can do this through the following link petition.parliament.uk/peti...

If you can do two things go to act.lifewithhiv.org.uk/post... and use the online form to Lobby your MP about failure to provide HIV PrEP.

I personally feel this decision not to fund PrEP is unethical, immoral and base on flawed economics.

I have been really angry about this for days. For months I have been told, by very senior NHS commissioners, that the would fund PrEP, then at the last moment they have refused to pay.

I am going out to the pub.

No HIV, no PreP, No AIDS just alcohol and friends.

Wishing you all the very best fro the Easter break.

As Always


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They did their maths and decided against. It's all about money of course, but human health is well above money. 


How disappointing Paul. Grrr bladdy politicians (that's me being polite) 

I signed the petition and sent the letter off to my blue mp so I'm sure it will fall on deaf ears but every little helps eh?!  


I'm not keen on the idea of PrEP but I'd still sign the petition as I think that people should have the choice.

My concern is that non adherence by someone who then actually becomes positive may well lead to a resistant strain and then that could affect me as its a medication I'm on. 

Would anyone really be as adherent? I mean most of us aren't usually 100% and we have to take them!

I'd still sign it though. 

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I have two C words to those relying on Prep as a morning after pill.

Communication and Condoms.


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