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does anyone know of a new trial drug for hep c

hi all I am new to the site so i just plough in. I found out in the nineties that i had hep c, felt as though i'd been hit with a barn door. I think it was 2004 i had norm treatment for genotype 3a hep c. it all seemed good ( except side effects) the treatment finished but slowly the count went up & up. I then, after a few years went back on the same drugs just a higher dose, i was very ill & found since that it can make things worse! A transplant was the only answer until recently when i was asked about a trial drug. Does anyone have any ideas please janesue

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Hi Jansue,

There are quite a few new treatments being tested right now. Some of these seem to have very promising results so far. We have an RSS feed on our website (www.HepNS.ca) which talks about new and trial treatments for Hep C.

If you know the drug trial that you were offered, you could also do an online search for it. This might give you more insight into the drug(s).

Some new treatments do not use Interferon. We know that Interferon is one of the drugs which causes some of the more severe side effects. So the new interferon-free treatments are promising to present fewer and less severe side effects.

I hope this answers your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. Also, please keep us up to date on your progress.

Best regards,

HepNS Staff


Hi Adam thank you for answering. I don't know the name yet but it is an interferon free trial. My next appointment isn't until june, I wanted to just find out as i am a worry guts anyway. I am so glad i found this group.Thanks again I will let you know. jane


True it is interferon free and will remove one of the main side effects. I have had Hep C diagnosed since 2007 but due to unstable private life unable to have treatment. Local NHS trust excellent and have made many friends with in department. Hopefully 2014 can start. Had issues with partner and no fixed abode at various times . Now on own in great home so looking forward to starting.