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hep c no treatment

i was diagnosed with hep c in 1989 i got it from my job ( care assistant) back in the day when we didn't wear gloves etc. i was never given any treatment (live in the uk) my liver has 14% damage i live a normal life except no Alcohol did anyone else have no treatment and are ok

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Hi Tarapuppy,

Thanks for your question. For various reasons, some people opt not to undergo treatment, or start treatment but decide to stop. Some people decide to adopt a "Healthy Living Approach". Basically, this means that someone with Hep C tries to minimize the damage to their liver through eating healthily, abstaining from alcohol and drugs, maintaining a healthy weight, etc...

There are several things that should be noted:

1. The healthy living approach is not a cure. If you take this approach, you will lessen the damage you do to your liver, but Hep C is still present, and is still damaging your liver.

2. Hep C can be a very slow progressing virus. In terms of symptoms, you may show no symptoms at all for many years.

3. Treatment options change frequently (with the approval of new drugs, and new knowledge being gained about Hep C). If you are ever inclined to consider treatment, it will undoubtedly be different from treatment options available in 1989.

4. Many people decide to never undergo treatment, and are able to live healthy lives, despite having Hep C.

If you need any information or support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

HepNS Staff


Hi Tarapuppy:

I have to tell you that as soon as I was diagnosed with Hep-C, I wanted treatment! I had to wait a year for Incivek to be approved. Once that was done, I was started on treatment. I can't imagine having Hep-C and not wanting to treat it. I understand why some people might wait for the newer, better drugs on the horizon. Apparently they are going to come out with new drugs that will not cause the horrible side effects that a lot of people suffer with the treatments available now. Some people have very little liver damage and low Viral Load and can wait a year or so until the new drugs are available.

You should talk to a Hepatologist now.....get full bloodwork and find out exactly how much damage the Hep-C has done to your liver. Even though you are living a good healthy life, the Hep-C is still in your system and will continue to attack your liver. You may slow it down somewhat with your lifestyle, but you still have it and it will continue to hurt you. I know that if it was me, I would want to treat the Hep-C as soon as possible. Why live with a disease that can potentially damage you very, very badly? There are drugs available now that have very high cure rates and as I said, new drugs coming out very soon that look even more promising.

I am no medical expert....only a Hep-C patient who has been on treatment for the last 6 months. I finish up my treatment tomorrow!!!! It has been a long haul and not pleasant, but I have been Undetected for Hep-C since week 4 of my treatment. I know I have beat the Hep-C and I know that I have been cured. You should speak with your doctor and seriously consider treating. This is just my opinion. Good luck to you!!!!!



i was diagnosed in 1989 there was no available treatment available to me at that time i have regular blood tests and they now come back clear i was ill in 1989 for ten months i have scans of my liver and i have had no change since then i did not refuse treatment there was none at that time as hep c had only just been found i was in a lot of pain and the jaundice took 2 months to show , my consultant said my liver damage has not changed since i was diagnosed i was told i may get liver cancer at some point but i've been fine for 23 years, i discovered how to controll my pain and i think this helped me most and also i stopped drinking alcohol


I understand about the treatment options that were available in 1989.....really, none to speak of. The researchers have made giant strides since then. The treatment available now is a triple therapy (a protease inhibitor (Incivek or Victrellis), Ribavirin and Interferon. The cure rates are very, very good. I did the triple therapy for 6 months and I am cured. I no longer have the Hep-C. The treatment itself can be challenging and some times not very pleasant, but the outcome is worth it. You sound like you are doing everything you can to be as healthy as you can be....that is very good. As I said earlier, perhaps you should have a talk with a Hepatologist or your family doctor and go over what the options are for you today. It is, in the end, a very personal decision to treat or not to treat. All I can tell you is the treatments today and in the very near future, are doable and have high success rates. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do.