How we Detoxify

Waking up feeling sluggish, stiff and more irritable than usual? Perhaps you just need to jump-start your body with a physiological make-over.

Have you ever seen a fish tank that hasn’t been cleaned in months? Just imagine that THAT is exactly what your cells look like if you don’t allow them to “clean up” or provide proper “utensils” (like nutrients, vitamins, foods) to do so.

BUT, what good is it going to do unless you have a way to get the toxins OUT of the body? Sweating, having a bowel movement and urination are the main ways to eliminate toxins inside & you already know of some things that tend to help you feel better --- fiber, gentle exercise, walking and drinking water.

Now, I’ve tried to simplify why certain methods (like gentle exercise) work on the body & allow your liver to have a vacation for a while.

How We Detoxify

1)the movement of toxins out of our cells. This can be helped by indulging fresh vegetable juices, fruits, beans, fiber, herbs and sea weeds as organic mineral sources.

2)improve circulation with daily exercise, so carbon dioxide and toxins can be carried away and oxygen can be delivered to cells

3)increase the flow of the lymph through the lymphatic vessels by regular deep breathing, exercise, gently massaging the skin with a soft cloth in a bath or gentle skin brushing while showering

4)strengthen the immune system by keeping warm in winter months and by indulging frozen fruit smoothies other than ice cream in the summer months.

5)Reducing sugar intake (ie: alcohol, candies, candy bars) helps keep the healthy bacteria in your gut working properly too. Gut bacteria help you break down toxins and regulate bowels.

6)improve water intake and be sure to have access to pure water.

7)increase bowel movements to 1-2 times daily by consuming fiber so toxins can leave quickly. Incorporating water intake ensures that fiber doesn’t cause constipation. Just think – a red apple-a-day is rich in fiber and enzymes to help your gut!

8)After any physical activity and perspiration, be sure to bathe the skin to remove any toxins and keep the pores from becoming blocked. This is important for those of you who notice black or white heads along your forehead, upper arms or back (sweat accumulation leads to more oil and bad bacteria on the skin)

9)practice deep breathing throughout the day increase oxygen and maximize energy input and mental clarity. Whenever stress seems to get the upper hand, remember to BREATHE

10)ensure adequate rest, as we detoxify mostly at night. So keep this in mind before indulging in some caffeine rich drink before bedtime! Stress levels can increase (leading to irritability and inflammation) if we don’t get enough rest. And remember, emotional stress is toxic too!