Asia Betancourt

Asia Betancourt

I have been lobbying at the hill for funding for years I started with helping get needle exchange on Staten Island which was hard

I became a hep C Navigator on Staten Island

I contract hep c through a nospeirce ings

Also got cured xiv drug user 34 Year's I just want to grow with this field until hep c is over that means getting people who have it maybe unknowingly into cure

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  • Hello lillyasia,

    Thank you for joining the HFI Connect Hepatitis community! Thanks for your work in bringing HepC awareness and getting people to get cured from hep c.

  • Asia, would you consider joining HFI's Patient Advisory Council. Congressional members and others need to hear your story. You can email or call us (301) 565-9410.

  • I have been trying I was sent an application in my email in a way that I could not fill it in