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CT scan showed encapsulated liver tumor smaller than MRI showed. I was told first almost 8 cm but now told its a bit more than 6. I get mapped for the radioactive beads they will inject thru my groin and veins to the tumor then they inject them. First time is a trial with non radioactive particles to see if any enter the lungs or stomach or bowel. If not next they redone this but with radioactive beads. I will be awake. It takes 3 hours to perform then recovery room for 3 hours. The surgeon seems quiet concerned about me bleeding out and my liver shutting down. Yesterday I saw the transplant doctor. She said CT scan shows two nodules on my lungs. They have to investigate. I now must see Oncologist about the tumors. I had to get that news alone. The person taking me in to see my docs did not wake on time so I had to drive myself in. My mind has shut down. I cannot speak or talk. First procedure is in a bit more than a week. Aloha

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  • your in my prayers catfishjumpin. im sending hugs and wish you all the very best. i know its not much help in this situation. it must have been so upsetting for your friend not to turn up when you really needed them. iv not been in your health situation (yet) but iv been let down so much by people who are well meaning and iv had to go it alone so many times. or pay a lot of money to get support. i prefer to go it alone now as the dissapointment can make things so much worse. sending a private message. love grace xoxoxo

  • Your in my prayers my husband goes for first time to be evaluated for transplant I pray everything goes good for you and always get someone to go with you to your appts you don't need to go by yourself

  • unluckily the person who was taking her did not wake up on time. so she had to go herself,so dissapointing.

  • Hello Catfishjumping.

    My thoughts are with you.



  • Every single thought of care and good wishes I can muster I am sending across the ocean to you. Constant best wishes Ianx

  • your in my thoughts and prayers Catfish as always. Good luck 🍀 and god bless 💕

  • This is tough. Hang on in there, you're stronger than you think - remember the last times and how you got through. I'm sorry you had to face this on your own - i hope your friend/companion wakes up (in every sense) and gets on board with you. Sending love and hugs and sounds of the sea xxxxx

  • You are very sweet. I refused to let that go and held him accountable for his behavior. Plus I am strong. When someone lets me down, I carry on myself. It just causes them to feel accountable. I came thru as was expected of me, its his failure. Aloha and thank you.