I just recently found out I have HepC and have a lot of questions about it

I just recently found out I have HepC and have a lot of questions about it

Hi I am a mother of four children and been married for 15 years. I recently found out that I have HepC. I am scared and nervous about it. I'm not sure I know anything about it. My husband is even scared to kiss me. We are uneducated about it and I just want to know how to live a normal life and reassure him he can't get it from kissing or being a normal husband. And how do I tell my babies about it.

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  • You will be ok. I had it 43 years. I had it already when I gave birth, twice. My husband nor anyone in our family has it but me. Get your husband some literature on it. Its darn impossible to spread with transfusion or neddle sharing. That was your past however you got it, its not important. Its important to get you well and move this issue out of your life. The treatments now are highly effective. Wishing you luck.

  • What kind of meds to they give you for it. I already have chronic pain and nerve damage. I know I can't take Tylenol much now. And what kind of doctor do I go to?

  • I had hep c in my system for at least 40 years before I got cured. I was married twice and had one child and never spread it to anyone. I got my hep c thru shared needles back in the 70s. You should see your family doctor and have them recommend a hep c Doctor

  • I am being treated for Hep. C . it seems i've had it for 30 yrs. without symptoms until i started to get frequent colds and depressed and tired. check out Hepatitis Central.com for info. and the American Liver Foundation . Get your viral load test and your genotype and a Liver Scan for Fibrosis and damage if any. I am genotype 1A common in the US. and my viral load was 666.000 which is not very high. i took Harvoni for 8 weeks in stead of the recommended 12 wks. and 6 months later my Hep C came back . Now i am on Epclusa my second month of 12 wks. P.S. Your husband needs to get tested it is transmitted through Blood to Blood contact primarily. There are cures out there good luck .

  • I too have hepC and cirrhosis and when I was diagnosed,my boyfriend was freaked out about it too.We are still together and he hasn't gotten hepC from me and right now it is not active.But I have too tell you that you and your husband need to do as much research as you can and if you can,get on a medication that can get rid of the virus.I have read that hepC can be contagious through bodily fluids.How old are your children?If they are old enough too understand,I suggest that the whole famiy get educated.Don't worry it will all work out