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AASLD/IDSA release updated HCV treatment guidelines

The AASLD and IDSA HCV Guidance Panel has released updated guidelines for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection, according to newly published data in Hepatology.

“The goal of the hepatitis C guidance is to provide up-to-date recommendations for HCV care practitioners on the optimal screening, management, and treatment for adults with HCV infection in the United States, using a rigorous review process to evaluate the best available evidence,” the researchers wrote. “This review provides a condensed summary of recommendations from the guidance.”

The panel, which included HCV Next Editorial board members Arthur Y. Kim, MD, and Michael R. Charlton, MD, and HCV Next Co-Chief Editor Michael S. Saag, MD, used an evidence-based approach to review available information for the HCV guidance. Sources of information included peer-reviewed research; FDA research and safety information on products; manufacturer information; drug interaction data; prescribing information from FDA-approved products; and more.

Key recommendations were outlined in various topics: HCV testing and linkage to care, when and in whom to begin HCV therapy, the initial treatment of HCV, treating unique patient populations, HIV/HCV coinfection and acute HCV.

To read more information about HCV testing and linkage to care, initial treatment of HCV, and retreating and monitoring patients during the therapy, you can go to the article here: healio.com/hepatology/hepat...