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Zolidroinic acid treatment infusion

Hi my name is Rita and I have many health issues. I don't want bother you with all my problems bit I like to ask if someone has been in treatment with the Zolidronic acid infuse. I have severe osteoporosis, fibromalgia, 4 disc out in the back head and the neuropathy is driving me crazy. My vit D is very low and I feel tired all the time. I have also chronic epatite C and of course I'm very depressed. This is just a part of my health problems. I buy any kind of supplements but is like put money in the rubbish. I wake up many times a night for the pain especially in the back neck, shoulders, feet and legs. I have to wash my feet and legs and put some cream because the burning sensation is horrible. Windy days like today make worse because I feel everything fly in the air. The sensation is like pins and needles. I can't stay in place where there is dust or dirty carpet ecc. I need to use the inhalator but I try to avoid. I'm very, very sorry for this post but I haven't anyone here in England just one brother very disabled. I read every day your posts but I haven't never thought to write myself. My English isn't the best but I hope I have give an idea about my problems. Thank you for your attention and thanks everyone for your daily posts.


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Hello Rita,

You can take a look at this article which discusses the Zoledronic Acid Injection. It provides information such as why and how the medication is prescribed, special precautions to follow, side effects that the medication may cause, storage and disposal of the medication, and brand names for the medication. Hopefully this helps!


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