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Exercise for Chronic Liver Disease

When it comes to liver malfunction and disease, an early symptom and one of the chronic debilitating effects is fatigue – the kind that makes getting out of bed a major effort and leads many doctors to recommend bed-rest as part of the care plan for their suffering patients. Despite the pronounced lack of energy, depression and doctor’s orders that may be keeping you on the couch, a little physical exertion can actually be beneficial to your condition. In fact, there is a growing body of research that points to exercise as a valuable tool in the management of acute and chronic liver disease.

More and more physicians are recognizing the value of exercise for their liver patients, and point to improvements in quality of life and better prognoses as reasons to recommend regular exercise as part of their treatment program.

Read more of this article by Peter G. Roy, DC, CFT at liversupport.com/wordpress/...