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Diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis B , ALT(SGPT) 79 and DNA count ~10^11

Hi, I am from Dhaka,Bangladesh. I have been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B recently(3 months ago) while I went to donate blood on a blood donation camp. I discussed with a consultant in Dhaka and he gave me some diagnosis. Some of the results are below.

Diagnosis summary:

ALT(SGPT)=79; DNA count near 10^11 !; Cholesterol too high. I also had an ultra-sonogram of abdomen that said lever and kidney are normal in shape.

Prescription by my Doctor:

Ursodioxilic acid 150 : 1+0+1

Tenofovir disoproxil fumerate : 1+0+0

Rosuvastatin: 0+0+1

I had an ALT after 1 month of starting medication and had ALT(SGPT)=56.

I again had an ALT after next 1 month and had ALT(SGPT)=64.

I am scheduled to see my consultant next next week again.

From some of my friends and neighbors, I heard that taking Tenofovir +Urso for long may cause various kinds of renal dysfunction. So, I talked with another consultant about this. He didn't clearly stated anything but suggested me to have some kidney diagnosis after 3 month of medication and this is third month of medication.

In my city/Country it is very tough to discuss in details with a consultant/Doctor if you are not a merchant or doctor is not someone like friends/relatives . Most of them can manage few minutes per patient as there is too many patient per doctor. That's why I started to study materials available on internet. This is not like I am trying to do treatment myself. This is like I am trying to be more aware and awake of my health,disease and physical condition. In this way I found this community and request kind and sincere suggestion in this regards from here.