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Hi there, since being diagnosed with hep c I've found, along with other symptoms, that I have no appetite. I know it says online that eating a balanced diet is important, but most days I don't have the enthusiasm to cook myself a nice meal so I'm mostly at my parents house or eating desserts and small meals often, because that's all I can stomach.

I'm about to start a treatment course of sofosbuvir and ribavirin and have been warned that my appetite will decrease, there'll be none left at this rate 😊

I was just wondering if there's anyone that's going through the same thing and has any advice? I've thought about having protein shakes handy, eating custard isn't a balanced diet.

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  • Hi someone has kindly emailed to alrt me to this. I recently underwent a course of riba (but in a different combination to you so not with the sofosbuvir but a different drug). I do not really recall loosing appetite as such - just becoming more 'picky' so that i did not 'fancy' things and couldnt be bothered to actually make anything. However once food was put in front of me I was hungry and would eat it all up. Fortunately the two people I live with were fine with me just eating and not participating in the cooking!! I lost little bit of weight but that may have been because my immune system went down after about 6 weeks and I had a series of nasty infections. I did not really feel 'me' for the 3 months of my treatment or indeed for several months afterwards but a year on am completely recoevered and was hep c free at end treatment and 3 months after. Now waiting for some 6 months after results.

  • Thanks for the reply. This is exactly how I feel right now, can't be bothered cooking but I will eat anything. I'd rather eat desserts and fruit rather than savoury things. Luckily my parents don't live far so I think I'll go there 😊

  • I would like to know why you chose this course of treatment

  • I didn't choose it, it's what was chosen for me. My genotype is 2. It should have been pegylated interferon and Ribiviron but because I've waited so long it's sofosbuvir and Ribiviron. I started treatment on Monday and nothing major to report, only I feel more tired and irritable than normal and I've had a headache for a few days.

  • There are better treatments than the one you have the ribivibron can be rough I am told I took a 12 week treatment of zepatier equivalent to harvoni and no side effect and it was a breeze the virus is gone testing negative months after

  • What genotype are/were you? If you don't mind me asking. I think because I'm number 2, theres only so many treatments I can have, pegylated interferon + ribaviron. I might keep a diary of how I'm feeling everyday, not sure how it would help. At the moment, me waking up feeling sick and tired might just be the hep c as I've only just started treatment.

    At the moment I feel like I'm just plodding along, like the lights are on but nobody's home, if that makes sense. I feel like my brain isn't working properly, I'm not being careful or concentating. I've even thought of stopping driving until it's all finished.

  • I was genocide type 1

  • Geno damn auto correct

  • Hi I going through same first week I could not stop eating now I struggle to get anything down can not face big meals just eat whot you can when you can snd make shore you eat befor you take your tablets

  • Yes, I know what you mean, I just wanted to eat sweet things all the time. I'm eating little things whenever I feel hungry and I go to my mums for dinner, at least I get a decent meal.

    I just find sweet food more appetising and I can't face savoury meals. I've got some protein shakes too.

  • Wish you all the look with treatment and hope your clear of the virus very soon

  • You too, week 3 quarter of the way through 😀

  • life is not good sometimes i also have acute Crohns disease.

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