Hi there fellow fighters I was diagnosed with hep c in 2002 it absolutely devastated that I just went on self destruction I went back on drugs then gave up the drugs when I moved abroad for drinking (yes I know the worst thing for your liver ) 5 years of constant partying started to take it's toll so I moved bk to UK to try and get sober I now don't take drugs or drink alcohol and so I went to heptoligy and the doctor said all being well when we have your bloods act there shouldn't be any reason we can't start treatment so that was a month and I have just recived a letter to go bk to see the nurse who will then start it. So beautiful survivers could anyone who has been through treatment (new) that can please explain what to expect also I struggle giving bloods so that's what's scaring how often will I need to give bloods and how difficult is the whole experience. Thanks good to let it out xxx

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  • Bloods every week, I was treated with Harvonia and Ribavirin no major issues it nailed my Hep C 1 first time , half way through the twelve week course my viral load was down from over a million to 38 then it went so low no trace . I'm now eighteen weeks since treatment and it's gone !

    The weekly blood tests are a pain but they saved my life , they alerted the transplant team in Birmingham that my bile duct was not working as it should . I'm in North Wales so between the two hospitals I was watched until I went back for major surgery to fix it , I'm so much better than I have ever been Hep C sucks your life away Scerosis of the liver gave me a tumour no way out but a transplant,

    The NHS was brilliant for me it did right I've paid in all my working life it was there when I needed it . !

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