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Advice on blood test, please...

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My daughter recently had a blood test, and I notice the following has flagged up:

! Hep B surface antibody level - (NRL794) - 0 mlU/ml

Out of Range - Needs appointment

What does this mean? Is it anything serious?

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Dear Airy Fairie,

It is simply a statement that the person is measuring zero for having had a Hepatitis B Vaccination. It may mean she was vaccinated and the vaccination has worn off or that she was never vaccinated in the first place. IT DOES NOT MEAN she has in any way got or had HBV, simply that she is someone who can catch HBV as she is not vaccinated. In the UK we have had reports of GP's and Sex Disease clinics saying this result as they are reading from a US chart. In the US where HBV vaccination is mandatory from birth for the last 30 years they say out of range or susceptible to infection as everyone is supposed to be vaccinated. In the UK this sounds worrying as of course here almost no one is vaccinated for HBV so almost everyone is susceptible to infection.