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Nearly there.


5 weeks, yesterday started to kill off this virus,so far so good.really happy reading others have done so well on similar meds, it's worth every ounce of effort to know at the end that we are clear.

Hooe everyone making the most out of this weather,had a few late evenings in the garden lately,really pleasant.

3 Weeks to go for me,congrats coolninja, well done you,another mountain conquered so to speak.

Direct acting anti viral medication is the way forward.onwards and upwards.


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I couldnt agree soo glad the research was done to make effective hep c treatments

Well done you made it,hope being hep c free sets you free again.

Wishing you all the very best.


Thank you so much!keep us posted ..your post are encouraging,helpful

Sorry I haven't been on here lately, got so busy with life and work 😊good to hear that you are all doing well and hanging in there, it will be over soon, just at the best time of year too 😎😀🌸🌞I'm feeling so much better, here is hoping it's gone for good, August bloods will tell 🌝 continue the fight and all the very best!! X 🤗🍀🍀🍀