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Source of infection

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Trying to pinpoint possible source a bit of history

First simptons appeared November 2016

Am I right in thinking

Not having sex for the past 4 years its not that.

being a regular amphetamine user but never injected with anything at all ever .its not that.

Now for the past 4 years I have worked at a recycling center glass plastic I have seen syringes and the plastic barrels among the piles of incoming waste would it be possible for hepatitis to become airborne attached to thick dust in workplace and transvering thus way this my brain doing overtime or is this possible thanks in advance. Nig

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I'm not expert but I pretty certain you can't breath the virus in. You can get it from sezx

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You can get it through sex with an infected person and you won't necessarily see symptoms straight away. You could have been carrying the virus for years. I have just found I have been carrying hep c for 34 years (we think). I presume hep be is the same in that regard

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Thanks for reply mate thing is if I picked it up from were I think i did then theres more than just my health been at risk not sure how it could be proven though atb nig

Actually the OP is right. The research doesn't support Hep C being transmitted through sex. The largest study ever conducted on Hep C transmission found that of the more than 800 couples involved in the research, where only one partner was carrying the virus there was not a single case of transmission even after the ten year span of the study with the subjects having an average of just over 2 acts of unprotected, vaginal intercourse per week. The researchers concluded that Hep C could not be transmitted through normal intercourse, but admitted that they could not definitively rule out anal intercourse.

There are several documented papers to prove that hepatitis is not transmitted via airborne but via infected blood and blood products, body fluids..

I have just read my previous post. I should have said that although it can be passed through sex hep c is not really a sexsualy transmitted disease because it is not transmitted through semen or vaginal fluids. It is only transmitted through sex if bleeding is involved.

Hi,I hope you are well at this time. Not knowing how you were infected can be as frightening as being infected. Firstly you mentioned amphetamine use! Was this intravenous use? Snorting with a shared tooter will give similar results. And previous reply's are right! You can't contract hep C or B airborne DEFINITELY. Unlike HIV which will die within minutes after leaving the body. Hep C has been found alive up to 3 months in dried blood. I'm sorry if I appear to be rambling lol my point is that there are numerous routes if infection! Hemophilia,drugs, dentist,tattoos,oral, anal penetration during infection, nail clippers! I could go on and on😒 The most important thing now, is its treatable ok. So try and be positive πŸ‘Œ

Don't drive yourself mad thinking about who you got it off

It could be a cocaine straw a toothbrush it has to involve blood

I never had any symptoms I could have it for 20 years before I found out

I had a very hedonistic life style when I was younger sex,drugs and rock n roll

I know I got through my high risk behaviour

but you are in a high risk job though

Has anyone else in your work contracted it the problem with hep c the symptoms could be brushed off as something else like flu or feeling a bit off colour

Your work pals should all get tested

you can only contract the Virus from infected Blood, infected blood must have been in contact with your blood, a scratch, a cut, a nose bleed....lots of ways