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severe fibrosis of the liver And Hep c


Hi All,

I have hep c since 2002 which I have treated abroad with interferon and rivferon and they told it was gone but it’s been found again 4 months ago last month I had my fibroscan and it’s shows I have Sever liver fibrosis so they jumped me up the que and Dut to start my Hep C 12 weeks treatment on the 13 June ,

As I have gone through the interferon injunctions which was no so plasant experience now I am worried despite they saying there is no side effects etc ,

Will I be able to work and do my daily activities?

Can I fly on holiday?

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Hi, rest assured the new drugs really don't have severe side effects if any at all. Fatigue & nausea are the main noticeable side effects but don't last very long and are easily overcome. You'll be waiting for the side effects and before you know it the treatment will be over. I worked and carried out usual activities just noticed I was more weary. But it's nothing compared to the virus. I don't know about travel insurance but health wise flying should be ok best check with your care provider dr etc. Best wishes for your future as a hep c free member 😍

Many thanks for your reply and reassurance ,

Can’t wait to be Hep C free ,

Chucky5516 in reply to Yousafk

Trust me there are no side effects. I went through the treatment and didn't notice anything. It was the equivalent, side effect wise, of taking 3 paracetamols daily. Obviously some may experience something as we are all different, and the medication does have the risk of drug to drug interactions, but the specialist will know if you are prescribed anything else that will react and alter the dose accordingly. Relatively though, the majority of people will have no side effects. They are incredible, when compared with what other people who went through the traditional treatments feedback.

Thanks Chucky hopefully will get through this ,

Chucky5516 in reply to Yousafk

You WILL get through this. Success rates for the new treatments are 99%. You have to remember in that included in the 1 % that are not successful, are people with sever liver cirrhosis, alcoholics, and people with chaotic lifestyles who don't take the medicine regularly as prescribed, this will obviously effect their outcomes. If you factor normal regular, stable, taking of medicine as planned and prescribed, I imagine the success rate would probably be nearer 100%. It is so good, the NHS has been set a target of eradicating Hep C in the UK by 2030!!! Trust me, you will be fine.

Thanks Chucky this is reassuring I am to start my treatment on the 13th June and can’t wait

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