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Hep C Positive
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Tired of Suffering

Hello everyone, I have and am learning from all of you that’s on this site!!! I’m still waiting on drug screen before I start meds. I feel like this Hep c is not the only thing here that’s affecting my skin. I have open wombs and I tell the doctors that white like stuff shoots outta my fingers. I was told that cholesterol can do that. It’s all over my body. It feels like glass cutting and poking at me. Little black things pop out too?? Does Hep C do this?? I have had biopsies after biopsies and nothing. I have discoid and SLE Lupus. My skin tears off. After I take a bath there is white stuff all in bottom of tub!! I it looks like I’m shedding? No doctor can answer me?? These places is on my hands left arm. Not legs ankles and feet. Can anyone help me?? I’m going crazy. And taking Benadryl for itching!!! I Hate Diseases!! Bad day. I’m on methotrexate for RA folic acid lisenapril high bp. Nexium For gerd. Few more. I smoke weed for my meds. Now they saying I can’t smoke anymore cause I can’t smoke it with the Hep C medicine.

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Hi grace sounds like you’ve got a lot going on,if you’ve got the chance of hep c treatment you should do it if that means no weed so be it I know that’s hard to do if that’s your thing but treatment is not for long,good luck x


Thanks Alan. Yes I know but the weed is for everything that’s wrong with me. Drs won’t give me anything fo pain !! Hep C has got me crying a lot here lately cause it’s getting worse by the day. I can’t function. I go see my doc this week and imma talk to them about this pain all thru my body. They missing something here. Thanks Alan I think I needed to hear what you just told me about the weed and treatment. I’m just so tired of pain I’m just so exhausted to the point I don’t go nowhere anymore. I stay on my bed. But I know it will get better. Thank again hope you have a good day. Now imma try and shut my eyes only if it’s 30 minutes. I need it. I really like it here.


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