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Another bad day

Woke up in tears this morning am not one to cry maybe I should but it’s always felt like crying is a weakness. Learned that at an early age and it’s always Stuck. I felt so positive yesterday hate these mood swings hate that there’s always a battle going on in my head and I’m losing. Sorry I hate being negative. On a brighter note hubby has a rare Saturday off. We. Should do something I know but I’m feeling like crap with zero energy! I’m hoping when he wakes up I can find the motivation not to spend another day in bed 🤞

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Hi...sorry I'm sooooo out of date on here..are you on treatment? I remember I used to have massive down times whilst on it and also after diagnosis like you I hate being negative and tend to take things in my stride but this is a really hard ride..be kind to yourself..cry it out etc x


Hi Tess74 no not on the treatment yet just going through all the tests again. I have other issues as well so some days not sure which ones causing how I feel.Everything going on at once really.Some days am struggling just to want to keep on fighting.Never no each day what am gonna wake up like.Hate feeling like this when am good am good but when am bad it’s really low. X


Keep fighting..Go through the motions...you don't want fight? Fight it!...can't get out of bed? Get out of bed..you know what I'm saying..All the best..


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