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HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity

HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity

HEART UK is passionate about preventing premature deaths caused by high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. This community is for patients with...Read more

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  • Just had blood tests, cholesterol level is 10.5. Doctor given me 20mg Atorvastatin to take. Only 43 years of age with family history. Any...

  • Hi have just been to the doctors and blood test came back high for Cholesterol 7.4 and was given tablets has anyone on here been given...

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  • Hi just wandering if anyone gets pins and needles in their hands while taking ramipril

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  • I have been taking Ramipril for hypertension for just over 6 weeks and my stomach is really blown up, Has anyone else had the same problem...

    By 14 Replies
  • I'm a 46 yr old male and have been dealing with chronic long-term generalized edema for almost two years now. It leave pits/indents in my...

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  • Hi there, just back after a few weeks of reading the Cholesterol Con book; although I really enjoyed reading the book and I feel that he has...

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  • http://www.express.co.uk/news/sunday/588889/Statin-drug-linked-increasing-side-effects-deaths

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  • I get missed heart beats,, at the moment they are fine tho...

  • I have been on 20mg simvastatin for two years with no side effects when, out of the blue, this morning I fainted for no apparent reason. Am...

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  • At the age of 17 (now 31) I was diagnosed with Familial Hypercholesterolemia and had genetic testing to prove this. Cholesterol levels were...

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  • Last week I had a 24 hour ecg, no results yet. Yesterday I had a 24 hour BP monitor on. I was so stressed by it, the readings were...

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  • I`m concerned about my cholesterol levels (6.8 at the last blood test) & I`m thinking of taking niacin because Iv`e tried everything else...

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    Hi,,has anyone been on statins for over 10 years or more without any side affect and previously had a HT and stent.... I have been taking...

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    This is my first day, I have to say I am not confident that I will stick with it, I am obese and need to shed 24kg. So wish me luck

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  • i've started taking 100mg once day of coq10 and must admit my normal fatigue nearly all gone! does any 1 else take this supplement

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  • Niacin was the original medication used for lowering cholesterol but big PHARMA introduced Statins and to me they are poison.I asked my GP...

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