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Strange burp


Was just wondering why,after a palpitation/ectopic beat I always burp every time, without fail?

Regards Marty

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I have the same thing....I’ll have PVCs before a burp or gas. You’re not alone!!!


It's very strange every time without fail these PVCs have changed my outlook on life never thought I'd have a heart issue.

Even know my cardiologist told me not to worry about them,he says heart is ok I still worry about them,and they still scare me and make me feel strange sometimes.

I take 240mg verapamil has lessened them at least.

Thank you for replying we wil fight on together.

Regards Marty.

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I have ectopic heartbeat mostly happened when I got gastric.. I got this about 5 months


Me too, wondered if the wind was pressing against something and kind of switching the svt on. If I lie down when I have svt I can feel the wind moving.


I experienced the same things


Yes it's very strange,I really hate these heart flutters.


For quite sometimes I managed to make it dissapears but it comes back these 3 days.. There must something has trigerred it.


My 1st holter indicated 480 ectopics in dec.. It was worsen in january about 1k with rare atrial ectopic. I have done the blood work to see whats wrong with me.. Am having iron deficiency and the vitamin D.. I am in process to restore these two.. And i am taking fish oil evryday and do the breathing exercise.. It was away but then come back.. There are foods that could trigger it. I bought a book from the author who had the ectopic and now free from it. I try to follow the program in that book and avoid things that could trigger it. I really hope could really follow the guideline to throw away this heart flutters and ectopics..


Good luck I hope get to the bottom of those flutters eptopics they are really debilitating and can be scary.When I get flutter makes me feel off like spacey feeling.