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PSVT or Sinus Tachycardia

Had a 24 HR Hloter couple of years ago found a few superventricular eptopic beays . Have had some ectopic beats and over the past 4 mths i have had Sinus Tachycardia once a month in my early 20's i was diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardis can have it about 3 times a year without symptoms just anxiety ï am now in my 50's Had Mitral Valve Repair a few years ago and stopped betablockers beginning of 2015 but must admit didn't have any episodes on them.

But with no clinical trials or evidence to be on betablockers for Mitral Valve Repair, i decided with Surgeons advice and cardiologist to taper off them but recently have have had 1 episode a month recently like i have mentioned of

of Sinus Tachycardia in early hours

checked pulse which seemed quite regular, although obviously fast.

I am working with GP and recording over a couple of weeks episodes and have noticed some eptopic beats with the thump that follows also

i was wondering if the following are also eptopic beats they come in a cluster

of 6-8 extremely fast beats for a few seconds and heart returns to normal

has happened over past 3 days.

I dont drink smoke .

Rather than than Sinus Tachycardia

is it possible it could be PSVT?

Appreciate any advise

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