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IST Treatment

I've always believed that IST is not really treatable, perhaps a bit of bisoprolol, or, maybe it will eventually go away - not much in the way of serious help anyway. I read on the internet that bloodroot may help with palpitations. Has anyone tried this? Has anyone had any treatments that have made a difference? I can walk 10 paces and then my pulse has shot up to 130 - 140 bpm, and I'm fighting for breath. I'm not living, I'm just existing. My wonderful GP believes I'm malingering and that it's all in my head. She refuses to acknowledge that I DO NOT WANT to waste my retirement in bed - I've got many things to do and places to go. And cannot.

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Hello Blue2, I can sense the frustration that you are under, as we have all experienced this to some measure with medics, unfortunately I do not know what IST is, I use this site for SVT/AF and also use AF Association based in the UK. I have had to do a lot more research with this condition as not all people are the same and the general consensus is not based on other methods of treatment other than medication and ablation. I chose to go the route of diet and supplements and herbs that I researched just to see, but I recorded all episodes and what I ate and presented this to my GP and Cardiologist.


Hallo Ultramarine,

Thank you for your kind reply - it's obvious there's a lot of people who have to do their own research when docs do not help. My GP & cardio are quite happy to leave me to a life not worth living!

IST is Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and comes under the conditions called dysautonomia, where the autonomic systems (such as the heart beat) may not behave as they ought. Although I'm on Health Unlocked with the thyroid community, I didn't know about the arhythmia group. It was while I was on-line researching about IST, that an article popped up, written by a lady called Kathy with IST, on the Arhythmia Alliance site, and she could have been describing myself. She appears to have a GP & cardio who have diagnosed her condition, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of correcting it. Like you, I'm researching alternatives - diet and herbals - to see if I can find relief, and so will have a go with the bloodroot with my fingers crossed!


Thanks for the definition of IST Blue2 others from the Health unlocked AF community might have someone else on there who suffers from this type of VT. I have also checked on the bloodroot supplement, it appears to me to be used for cancerous cells mostly. I have had SVT for 2 years now, and did have a problem with my thyroid the year before that, but it was mostly in the structure of the thyroid, which ran down the esophagus, I did however want to maintain the thyroid level which was a bit low (not enough to warrant any radical action or surgery) so my best result came from adding seaweed (just a slight sprinkle) in my food every day. I didn't know of any online community then. My thyroid level was spot on with doing this, but unfortunately, because of the medication that I am on now (which is Amiodarone the third try of different medication) meant that I had to decrease the level of seaweed (as it contains Iodine) to a level that I don't use it anymore. I am glad in a way that I do my own research and try different things as its your body which is really screaming for attention of some sort. My experience now has led me to discover, who to ask questions to, as not all GP's or Cardiologists are conversant with the "Electrics of the heart" the specialist to help you correctly, is the

Electrophysiologist who deals with any sort of Arrhythmia. I will be getting a second opinion in May but will have to travel to Sydney from a Regional Centre, as I live in Australia. You could locate one EP and ask your GP or cardiologist for a referral. This came about because of my own records being placed before anyone who wanted them to inform them that this condition was more of a nightmare than was generally thought of. (not all GP's know about it even) It turns out I have IBS diagnosed a few months ago, (Am now under a dietician) which triggered most of the episodes of very fast heart beats enough to see me in hospital, on some occasions. Let me know what you are going to do or have taken regarding the Bloodroot supplement, when you are able. The best thing for me at the moment apart from the usual food intake would be the Peppermint tea which calms the stomach which calms the heartbeat, the excercise of Tai Chi from DVD video, and one class, and relaxation deep breathing techniques.

Here is the address of the other Health unlocked site for AF who have helped me to cope with this condition, they also have some knowledgeable people on board.

Keep well

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