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Crackle and pop

Does anyone else suffer with ears that continually crackle (when moving jaw or trying to pop them through yawning etc)?!?

Any idea what it is ( different from tinnitus)

During my hearing test I asked if there was a blockage that could be causing the hearing loss I'm experiencing and they most enfatically said no.

And that there was no indication of anything other than sensionural hearing loss.

This same guy missed obvious scaring from childhood grommets!!!!!

Not while convinced by the NHS screen I had!!!

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I get this too, both ears, had it for as long as I can remember. Never asked anyone about it, thought it was normal.






Hi you might have eustacion tube dysfunction I get an airy popping and clicking but also coming from a jaw been told might need a t tube. It's so annoying I hope you get sorted five just started getting things going with mine, I have tmd in the jaw did they mention that? Hope this helps


I sure do, all the time. I have progressive hearing loss. It's the hallmark of the disease.